From Holiday to Every Day

A Complete Guide for

Making Kwanzaa A Part of Your Life

Let Kwanzaa: From Holiday to Every Day show you how to turn your Kwanzaa observance into a way of life that will enrich your family, friends, and community.

 “Of the several books on Kwanzaa, few are invested with such utility as Maitefa Angaza’s thorough-going discussion and analysis . . . a meaningful, wonderful guide.”

Herb Boyd author of Black Detroit: A People’s History of Self-Determination

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What You'll Learn

  • Planning for daily observance and festive gatherings

  • The seven principles at the heart of Kwanzaa

  • How to involve everyone in your Karamu (feast)

  • Recipes for traditional dishes you can make at home

  • Zawadi (gifts) that reflect your values

  • Popular Kwanzaa songs—and even one Kwanzaa rap

  • Where to find the best Kwanzaa accessories

About The Author

Maitefa Angaza

MAITEFA ANGAZA, a writer, editor, and filmmaker, contributes news and feature articles to various publications as a 

freelance journalist and also works as an editor. She was executive editor of The City Sun newspaper and managing editor of African Voices magazine. Maitefa and her family have celebrated Kwanzaa for several decades and she has written on the subject for various publications. Her news articles, profiles, interviews and arts reviews on a range of other 

subjects have also been published in Essence, Black Issues Book Review, The Network Journal, The Amsterdam News, Our Time Press and other publications. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York, where she was born and raised.

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